How to Recover Lost Data from NTFS Hard Drive

1. How to Recover Files from NTFS Hard Drive

In case you have lost your file accidentally, may be due to deletion, virus attack, formatting, improper operation or any other. How to recover lost data from NTFS Hard Drive? The third party software Wondershare Data Recovery and Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is powerful hard drive data recovery tool to have while in emergency of file lose. Wondershare hard drive data recovery software is capable of recovering anything in just few steps. Here are it features:

You can download the full version wondershare hard drive data recovery software from its official site and both windows and mac versions are available. However, you want you can try free version with limited features. Here are the three steps to recover data from NTFS hard drive using Wondershare NTFS Recovery software.

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  1. Launch Wondershare Data Recovery and select the type of files you want to recover. You can select the option of "All File Type" and go to Lost File recovery.
  2. recover lost data from NTFS Hard Drive

  3. Select the drive from which you want recover. Go to deep scan if you can't find any files after the quick scan. The deep scan will deeply search NTFS filed from hard drive but it will take more time.
  4. NTFS file recovery

  5. Once, the scan is completed. You will have a list of lost files on that drive and condition of those files. You can also preview these files before you recover them to check their conditions. Now just make sure you tick the files you want recover. Now click on recover to begin the recovery process. That's all to recover data from NTFS Hard Drive.
  6. NTFS Hard Drive data recovery

After NTFS recovery, the files will be available at default location of the recover. Go open them and enjoy, your lost files are recovered. Things people should take care of when using NTFS. In order to keep the NTFS in best possible condition for long time, it requires some precautionary steps from your side.

  1. Restrict yourself from using removable media. It is the most popular way of damaging your NTFS hard drives. Keep usb drives away using protective software or just physically remove them.
  2. Keep your computer under control. You must see how you connect to LAN to make sure you are not harming the hard disk.
  3. Always keep the Firewalls up. If possible, buy a powerful antivirus with firewall keep it updated to keep your computer safe from regular threats.
  4. Great way to save your data. You can even back up your data on Cloud. On a regular basis, scan the hard drive or format it to keep it at optimum performance level.

NTFS, which stands for New Technology File System, is a file system that was developed by Microsoft in 1993. It took the place of FAT and High performance File System. NTFS had several technical improvements including support for metadata, and advanced data structure. Here are the features of NTFS:

2. A Comparison between NTFS and FAT 16/ FAT 32 and exFAT

NTFS is fairly new compared to FAT or Ex FAT however still all three are in use today because all of them have their advantages and disadvantage. Here we have compared NTFS, FAT16/FAT32 and exFAT to help you understand the difference between all.





Volume Size

232 clusters minus 1 cluster

32 GB for all OS. For some OS 2TB


Max files on Volume



Nearly unlimited

Built-In security



Yes but minimal ACL only


If the volume is small, performance is degraded and goes vice versa.

Very high on small volumes and vice versa


Disk space economy




Fault tolerance



Yes if TFAT is activated

These differences shows how each NTFS hard drive type has their advantage and disadvantage. Hence, for specific purpose hard drive with specific advantage is used. This is the reason still all the forms are in use.

3981454 people have downloaded it

Hard Drive Recovery

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